Rockwall County Open Space Alliance

Quality Growth with Islands of Nature.

Who We Are

Rockwall County Open Space Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed to support our Mission to Save Open Spaces in Rockwall County before it is too late. The Alliance is dedicated to protecting Rockwall County’s water and land and connecting communities through Open Spaces.

There is an urgency as land, floodplains and greenbelts disappear to the pressures of growth and development. In 1922, there were 95,360 acres of open land. On January 1, 2021 only 37,452 acres remained. Much of this has been bought by large residential developers and will soon become pavement and rooftops.


Save Open Spaces in Rockwall County before it’s too late.


Quality Growth with Islands of Nature.

Rockwall County Is
  • Smallest in Texas (147 square miles)
  • 10th fastest growing US County over 100,000
  • 10th most densely populated
  • 2020 Population 109,888
  • 2040 Estimated at Buildout 350,000

Open Acres 1922

Open Acres 2021

Population 1880

Population 2021

Our History

The Rockwall County Open Space Alliance grew out of the County’s 2011 Master Planning exercise and was formally created in August 2012 by the Commissioners Court. In 2016, we formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and welcome enthusiastic, like-minded supporters. Join us and Be a Friend.
“The dynamics of Rockwall County geography and its rapid population growth present a small window of opportunity to act on the quality of its future. Therefore, Our Future is Now.”
Rockwall County Commissioners Court, Position Statement on Open Space Planning

Resources and Information

Rockwall County Open Space Master Plan

The Rockwall County Open Space Master Plan identifies several pieces of land suitable for saving as Open Spaces. This study was funded by Rockwall County and outlines the next steps to accomplish the goals.

To experience the outdoors makes everything fall into place for me. Walking, running, working out and just being outside is important to my mental health. I can share my time outside with others or enjoy it in solitude; it's all good and good for me. I count my lucky stars that I live in Rockwall County where open space is appreciated, desired and a priority.

– Jan Self

If we look around our many cities and counties that have become so overcrowded, we immediately realize that our quality of life is being challenged more by this lack of Open Space than any other problem

– Charlie Pratt

What Rockwall County will look like in the future depends on how we use the land today. We must be smarter about how we treat our natural watersheds and flood plains. As the County continues to grow, the Open Space Alliance and County-led Consortium provides a venue for residents and local elected officials to talk with each other and coordinate open space plans to maximize the economic value and minimize the environmental impact.

– Nell Welborn