We recently received this comment from a Rockwall County resident in our Discussion area, and wondered what you think about their comments.  Do you feel the same way?  What unusual areas do you think should be preserved?


A place/trail that allows me to walk in an area where I can observe wildlife and vegetation. A concrete trail is not what I have in mind. A permeable surface would be nice.

Large Open Space need:
Yes. This does not need sport amenities. Places to hike, picnic and observe our world is what appeals to me.

Unusual area near my home that needs to be preserved:
I live in Cove Ridge in Heath. This is one of the few areas that still has access to the lake shore. The area between Windward Way and the lake is eroding rapidly and needs to be preserved. There are also several creeks (drainage) and small ponds in the area that need review for preservation.

Wildlife corridors:
When I moved to this area wildlife was more abundant and traveled in several undisturbed areas. New development has diminished this significantly.