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Thank you to everyone who came out on a rainy Thursday evening! We had a good turnout and productive conversation, and clarified what this effort is and is not about. We will be posting a video of the meeting soon for those who could not attend last night. We will also put the presentation and video on our website.  We look forward to more conversations with our county’s citizens. It is the best way to ensure that we get the best possible outcome by engaging all of you in thoughtful dialogue.

At the meeting Thursday evening, there were no plans or any improvements shown – only informational maps showing things like vegetation, watersheds, etc.  The purpose for Thursday’s meeting and our initial information going out is to educate about the process. Our consultants want and need to have constructive dialogue with as many people as possible. Through those conversations, we hope to identify the places where there is interest in partnering, as well as those property owners who are not interested. We do not know exactly who fits into each category, so we have to start somewhere in order to help identify the right people to speak with. There is still a lot of information gathering that will be done before any ideas are put on a map for consideration.

We all were asked to put little orange dots on large photo spreads to indicate how we felt about each type of land use and/or feature.  The photos below were taken after these dots were in place.  Lots of great feedback!  Thanks again to all who came!

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