Here are a couple of new remarks we have received through our Discussion email link.  What do you think?

1.  I feel that we should work towards having safe sidewalks/paths throughout the city. As small as we are, I should be able to run errands by foot or bicycle. It’s not safe as is. I fell that should be a priority… And what a wonderful health promotion for our community. Fewer vehicles and traffic!

2.  I would love to see Rockwall have a movie in the park evening.
Also, I would like see some safe areas for ducks. rabbits and wildlife to have for nesting. To promote growth of the wildlife around the lake, and find a balance between perservation and growth, now before we no longer can.

3.  Far too much of our county is being converted to residential and/or commercial developments. What once was agricultural land is too-easily being re-zoned to add more “roofs” with the misguided idea that more rateables should trump over quality of life. The attraction of settling down in a bucolic, rural community that once existed in our county is rapidly evaporating. Unless wiser heads prevail and adopt a plan that puts us back on the right track, all tracts will begin to look like another Plano.

4.  Hey, thanks for getting people together. As a professional artist and Chef turned food blogger, I would love to see places for plein air painting and most of all, would love to have spots all over the county for community gardens. My focus as a Chef and food blogger is creating recipes from In-Season Fresh fruits, veggies, grains and proteins. I always recommend organic when possible.

Let us know by commenting below what your thoughts are on these ideas from readers.  Thank you in advance!