Rockwall County – Open Space Master Plan & Implementation Guidelines


June 19, 2015


Community Workshop for County Open Space Plan to be Held on July 15th


Earlier this year, Rockwall County began the process of developing its first county-wide open space master plan. A previous study completed in 2008 outlined three primary goals that the master plan effort is addressing:


  1. Preserve quality storm water corridors (including creeks, channels, flood plains, tributaries and easements).
  2. Protect/establish corridors essential for county-wide open space connectivity for non-motorized mobility modes.
  3. Investigate the need for a major preserve/public amenity in the County that could potentially be developed in the future.


For the past five months, the consultant team of VERDUNITY and WRT has been consolidating data and plans from each of the cities, conducting citizen surveys and interviewing stakeholder groups, and meeting with representatives from the county, cities, and various state and federal agencies to get input on anticipated future needs and potential funding programs. Efforts and findings have been discussed along the way with citizen volunteers on the project’s steering committee and the Open Space Alliance Executive Committee.


A community workshop to present the work completed to date and get additional input for the Plan is going to be held on Wed. July 15th from 6-8pm at the County Courthouse on Yellowjacket Ln. For those new to the county, this will be a great opportunity to learn more about the existing parks, trails and cultural/historic facilities and programs available across the county, and the role planning played in getting those facilities built. The results of the recent community survey will be shared, and then participants will provide input on potential future opportunities to preserve natural areas and open space, enhance outdoor education for both school districts, expand off-street trail systems and provide more areas for passive recreation in the county as other areas develop over time.


The OSMP will consolidate the existing and proposed plans from each of the cities into a countywide master plan that can be utilized as a guide by the County and individual cities to preserve and protect natural systems and designate open spaces and corridors for future recreational considerations and trail connections throughout the county. For additional information about the project or to volunteer for a committee or stakeholder group, please contact RCOSA Vice Chair Nell Wellborn at or the consultant’s project manager, Kevin Shepherd at Additional information about the project can be found at and