Each of our RCOSA Executive Board has a passion and many reasons for being so heavily involved and invested in the development and protection of open space in Rockwall County. Here are the thoughts of board member Dale S. Morgan.

Dale Morgan

My wife Kay was born and raised in Rockwall County and so after college,
the Air Force, and a few years living back in the Metroplex, we returned to
Rockwall in 1974 … a time when open space was almost all one would see
traveling about the county. Now we find that open space is one of those
things that can be easily taken for granted … like clean air, plenty of
wildlife habitat, and clean abundant water, … until very little of it
remains, and living the “good life” becomes more difficult.

A recent Dallas News story might help illustrate these points. During
September, I noticed a report about the City of Plano preparing to purchase
the 194 acre Los Rios golf course for $3.5 million with long-term plans to
return this land to a more natural state to help make up serious open space
deficits in that city’s older eastern sector. ┬áPlano is well known for its
impressive and robust growth over the past 40+ years or so …and it
appears some of that dynamic growth came so fast that preservation of
essential open space was somehow overlooked. I hope the Rockwall area will
“keep green space in our growth” and avoid big open space deficits in the
future … and such difficult and costly corrective actions.

Citizens of Rockwall County are fortunate that even with all the rapid
growth and development happening throughout the county, we still have a
limited time of wonderful opportunities to try and work to get our open
space planning right! This is why RCOSA was formed and why it’s important
to me.