Each of our RCOSA Executive Board has a passion and many reasons for being so heavily involved and invested in the development and protection of open space in Rockwall County. Here are the thoughts of board member Becky Eason Burkett.

10398662_10152808425272479_667315885535343491_nI’ve always said, as a builder & developer’s daughter, I have seen the good and bad in suburban growth.  There are examples of bad growth all over the Metroplex.  I have always strived, as my parents did, to work to ensure that there is good growth in Rockwall County, where I have lived since 1968 when my parents, sister and I moved to Rockwall County.  I believe we are at that threshold of growth that determines if it becomes good or bad growth.  That’s why the Open Space Master Plan is important to me and to my family.

Good, strategic planning is important in order to provide the framework needed by city management, planners and councils to be more certain that the vision they have for their communities is the best one possible and takes into account all the constituencies that live there.  Different people, in different stages of life, require and request different amenities in their communities.  Whether it be playground space, golf courses, bike/hike trails, lakefront parks, watershed protection, abandoned railroad tracks-to-trails, multi-use athletic fields, or simply undeveloped agriculture or open space, having a master plan in place to inform and guide development helps put all the pieces together county-wide.

My family appreciates the efforts of the Open Space Alliance, the county and member cities, to Keep the Green Space in Our Growth!