Released in conjunction with the Outdoor Industry Association’s 2017 Capitol Summit event, the report shows that the outdoor recreation industry is a powerful force in the overall U.S. economy, with consumers spending $887 billion annually on outdoor recreation and the industry creating 7.6 million American jobs. In addition, the report demonstrates how the outdoor recreation economy works in tandem with preservation and conservation efforts for America’s most treasured outdoor spaces, contributing to the growth of our economy and ensuring that we are properly protecting America’s beautiful lands. Finally, the report is a valuable resource that can be used by members of the industry to better understand the outdoor recreation landscape and how it impacts their businesses.

Do your elected officials realize how big the outdoor recreation economy is? Tell them it’s HUGE. $887 billion in consumer spending. 7.6 million American jobs. Send them Outdoor Industry Association’s latest Outdoor Recreation Economy report, and encourage them to support this powerful industry. #ThriveOutside