Recently, our Project Director Bob DeJean reported that local resident Carol had observed hundreds of monarchs “streaming by the windows… They appeared to be hugging the shoreline of Lake Ray Hubbard… and she had made several separate one minute counts of Monarchs passing in front of her, and those four counts averaged out to around 50 Monarchs per minute! This density seemed to persist for at least one and a half hours.  It might have started earlier and gone later.  Only a few were stopping to nectar, mostly engaging in gliding flight towards the South. Some flew quite high, and others low.  Others throughout the state have reported seeing hundreds of monarchs (about 300 monarchs) flying in groups and hiding in blooming flowers on their way southward.

Are you seeing Monarchs still?  Have you ever reported these sightings on the wonderful website Journey North?  Use this link to report your sightings, and track the Monarch migration to Mexico.  Journey North’s website is

Happy Monarch Sightings!