What We Do

Promote a Common Vision to ensure that growth includes natural Open Space.

Support the implementation of the Open Space Master Plan. We participate in the County-led Open Space Consortium that provides a venue for residents and local elected officials to talk with each other and coordinate open space plans to maximize the economic value and minimize the environmental impact.

Recognize that growth increases storm water drainage. Our hills and valleys create natural stormwater drainage and storage systems. We advocate preserving existing creeks and floodplains and protecting the natural valley storage. By allowing development that cuts down hills and fills the floodplains, we increase the probably of flooding.

Educate people on the importance of Open Space to our quality of life. Being outdoors contributes to our physical and mental well-being. We coordinate programming with local groups to support activities that emphasize our natural resources.


Save Open Spaces in Rockwall County before it’s too late.


Quality Growth with Islands of Nature.

Rockwall County Is
  • Smallest in Texas (147 square miles)
  • 10th fastest growing US County over 100,000
  • 10th most densely populated
  • 2020 Population 109,888
  • 2040 Estimated at Buildout 350,000

Our Goals

Acquire Open Space

Based on six criteria, over seventy sites were identified at the beginning of the planning process. Initially reduced to thirteen areas, the six highest scoring areas were: B, A, I, G, C, and E. Read more starting on page vi of the Executive Summary of the Plan.

Protect Storm Water Drainage Areas

Rockwall County has eight separate watersheds. Six flow into the Trinity River and two, located along the eastern county boundary, drain to the Sabine River. Protecting the floodplains from development helps slow stormwater runoff, provides natural wooded areas, and allows the unimpeded movement of wildlife. See page iv of the Executive Summary of the Plan.

Connect Nature Areas

Looking at potential open space connections from a countywide view allows each city to make good decisions when considering development plans. A summary of this goal starts on page ix with a fuller discussion starting on page 101 of the Plan..

How Our Goals Benefit Your Family

Explore Rockwall

Acquire Open Space

We all need places to touch nature to cultivate our sense of wonder.

Open Space Rockwall, TX

Protect Flood Plains

By protecting our flood plains, we help minimize flooding and save wooded areas and wildlife habitat.


Connect Nature Areas

Being out in nature is good for our well-being, inside and out.

Our Board

Executive Committee

Lorne Liechty
Brian Williams
Dale Morgan
Treasurer & Founder
Robert D. DeJean
Project Director & Founder
Alma McClintock

Board Members

Cyndi Brown
Stephen Geiger
Lance Megyesi

Christine Piling


Evan Tate
Nell Wellborn
Past President
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